INDORSE – Decentralized Professional Network

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Ethereum based Decentralized Professional Network

Unlike traditional platforms, Indorse aims to give back ownership of the data to the user, and allow them to profit from sharing their skills and activities on the platform. Indorse uses internal reward system to incentivize users to add their skills / accomplishments and indorse those of others.

Token Sale has started on August 8th 2017
Will last for a maximum period of 30 days.

Core focus

Issues about personal privacy, data protection and ownership of information have surfaced, rightfully, over increased flows of information. These issues regarding ownership of personal information and commercialization of such information must be fixed once and for all.

Qualifications are representations of skills acquired. In this age of constant influx of information and knowledge, the only constant is change. That, and deep skills which allow us to ride the changes. The right skills allow us to adapt to situational and information changes quickly and flexibly; they are our means of navigating this increasingly complex world. So it seems the academics and governments are not that far off in their claims – our economy is the skills economy

The IND token is the token that will be issued during the Token Sale. IND tokens will be listed on exchanges and used by advertisers to purchase advertising units on the platform. Token Sale IND purchasers will receive Indorse Score (SCR) tokens in addition to their IND tokens. This will enable them to indorse the profile postings of members on the platform. In this way, the IND token holders have a vested interest in participating in the platform and indorsing viable claims.

IND will be an ERC20 Token.

Core features / Advantages

The core features of the Indorse platform will be implemented through the combination of a few technologies, which include Ethereum, IPFS/Swarm, and Whisper.

The Indorse platformis aimed to have a serverless, decentralized architecture, with the content and code on IPFS, and the Ethereum blockchain as the computational engine.

Each member can take part through two main roles on the platform –

  • Claimant
  • Moderator

The entire process flow starts with a claimant making a “claim” associated with his profile. A “claim” can be either that of professional information / skill (forming the core part of your profile) OR a personal skill. With every claim made, the claimant needs to attach one or more proof(s) of information. The moderators verify the claims separate from the blockchain and either indorse it or flag it.

This platform can be likened to a combination of a decentralized LinkedIn and Instagram, but with “verified” claims and indorsements. It has mechanisms to reward good actors and penalise bad ones.

Indorse is an attempt to give back ownership of data to members. A platform which is not only fun, but also rewarding to the contributors of the content. Here, the value of the content is accrued to the members who create it

The platform will be integrated with the following third-party (D)apps:

  • Indorse DE -​ Indorse will be building a deployment engine (DE​) for profiles and content, tying them back to the tokens and Ethereum smart contracts.
  • Attores Certificate Issuance (CI) Platform – ​Attores has been working for more than a year on the certificate issuance platform, wherein a university or an institution can issue their degrees or diplomas directly on the blockchain in the form of a smart contract. Attores plans to open source this code and use that as one of the core modules of the Indorse platform.
  • IPFS -​ IPFS, which is like a decentralized Dropbox, is going to form the core of the Indorse platform. Most of the content, including documents, claims, updates to profiles and indorsements are going to be stored there. With the advent of systems like Filecoin, users of IPFS get one more chance to earn revenue from their content or storage space. This is ultimately going to help in the proliferation of the ecosystem as a whole.
  • uPort -​ uPort is a self-sovereign identity system that allows people to identify themselves and authenticate both on and off the blockchain. The Indorse platform will be integrated with uPort so that the identity of the member on the platform corresponds with his real identity. uPort is also useful for signing the blockchain transactions directly from a mobile phone.
  • Truffle -​ Truffle is a development environment for Ethereum smart contracts, which includes smart contract compilation, linking, deployment and binary management. This is the current state of the art for the Ethereum blockchain. We are going to use Truffle to write the smart contracts and integrate that with the front-end of the application.
  • Spectrum -​ Spectrum is an all-in-one wallet system for Ethereum currently under development by Digix. The Indorse platform will integrate with that since it provides ease of use for the end users and makes their life much simpler, while also providing security for the platform developers.
  • Status -​ Status is an open source messaging platform and mobile interface to interact with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum Network. We also plan to integrate Status in one of the releases so that there can be in-platform chatting, all on the blockchain.

While the aim of the team behind Indorse is to create a completely serverless, decentralized architecture, the actual development needs the application to be divided into several tiers nonetheless – namely, the service layer, the API layer and the app layer. Having said that, it’s important to note that since the code for the service layer is going to be open source, any 3rd party apps can always directly interface with the service layer smart contracts to take advantage of the distributed nature of the blockchain.

Road map:


  • Independent review of White Paper and concept
  • Independent audit of the suite of smart contracts
  • Release of a POC which includes the ability to create decentralized profiles and a basic implementation of the Anonymous Indorsement Protocol (AIP)


  • Limited Alpha on testnet
  • Full functionality to build your profiles and post claims
  • State channel implementation of AIP
  • Integration with the Spectrum wallet


  • Integration with uPort
  • Refinement of the UI/UX
  • Basic advertising system
  • Releasing on Mainnet


  • Connection with the various advertising APIs and the ability to buy ad space
  • Integration with Status
  • Integration with Attores Certificate Issuance (CI) system


  • Token dashboard
  • Oraclize integration
  • Reality keys integration
  • Advertising campaign manager module


  • Indorse Developer Toolkit
  • Indorse API
  • Machine learning integration
  • Refinement of the Anonymous Indorsement Protoco


  • Indorse platform mobile app

Indorse Team


Token Sale Details:

Contribution with ETH to indorse.eth

Official contract address, using the Ethereum Name Service

You can verify the full contract address at:

  • Gas limit: 250,000
  • Gas Price: 25 gwei (above 50 will be rejected)
  • Minimum 0.05 ETH required

The funds raised in the Token Sale will be used as follows:

  • Development of the product (including the development team’s cost): 65%
  • Sales and marketing: 20%
  • Operations: 10%
  • Legal Fund: 5%

Pre-Sale & ICO & Bounty

Indorse – Token Pre-Sale Analysis & Bounty Program Update

Indorse has successfully completed its Token Pre-Sale.

Received 13,807 Ether in the public Pre-Sale and approximately 4,000 more Ether in private placements. Minimum ETH required to continue to build the product is hit.

At the moment 25 accepted participants in signature campaign.

Allocated 60,000 IND tokens for signature campaign.


Bounty thread:



Frequently Asked Questions about Indorse answered by the Indorse Team


·         How can I sign-up for Indorse?

We will shortly be releasing a pre-alpha version of the platform allowing profile creation, claims, and indorsement. Upon release of the pre-alpha version, we will be accepting registrations for using the pre-alpha version on our website. We will make appropriate announcements on our website, once our pre-alpha version is available.

·         What skills can be put up for indorsement?

We do not envisage Indorse to be limited to any particular skill-set. However, in the initial release of the platform, we may be limiting the skill sets that can be put up for indorsement. We will be updating the list on our website and to the members.

·         How can I verify someone’s claim?

Each user who has put up a skill for indorsement, will also be required to put up a link to supporting documents or videos or other materials. As an indorser, you are expected to review the supporting materials for verification.

·         What is the Cost for voting?

The user of the platform will bear no costs. Since will be operating on ethereum, there will be ‘gas’ costs for transactions. The alpha version of the platform will be on testnet, but once we deploy on the mainnet, according to our phases, we will make sure the cost is not a deterrent. We are also planning to use Payment channels and related technologies to bring the costs down.

·         What are Indorse Rewards?

This is the activity index of any user. The more the user interacts with the system, e.g. by putting-up a claim, endorsing other users’ claims etc, the user will be awarded with Indorse Rewards.

·         What is the utility of Indorse Rewards?

Indorse Rewards received by any user will be converted into IND tokens (the tokens that are traded on an exchange) at the end of a defined vesting period.

·         What is Indorse SCR?

The Indorse SCR reflect the reputation that the user has earned on the Indorse platform on account of his / her activities.

·         Will a user have different SCR for different skill sets?

No, the platform will not have different SCR based on the skill set.

·         How does SCR token work?

Pretty much like a Proof-of-Stake model. Every user intending to review a claim, will have to put-up a SCR on stake. The more the user acts in the benefit of the community, i.e. endorsing the right claims and flagging-off the wrong ones, the user will earn an SCR token (and hence, will have 2 SCR tokens credited back into his / her account). Similarly, a user which acts in a malicious manner, i.e. is not able to curate the claims based on merits and goes against majority of the other endorsers will lose his / her SCR token.

·         Does the SCR grow in a linear manner and would SCR have a limit?

We are thinking about a mechanism such that the SCR softly increases, ie, similar to an asymptotic curve that approaches 10.

·         What are the advantages of a higher SCR?

The higher the SCR the more will be selected for indorsement (subject to other conditions).

·         Can SCR be bought / sold / transferred?

No, the SCR is tied to each user ID and will not be transferable.

·         Will indorsements from different people have different value (ie weightage)?

No; the platform will not assign any different value to any indorsement. The primary reason being that the ‘value’ is subjective and hence, we would not want to make it objective by assigning any value to it.

·         What will be the pool size of the people required to indorse my skill?

The pool size depends on a number of factors, like the active users on the platform, similar users to your claim or skill, etc. But the pool size for any claim would be minimum 3 and maximum 10.

·         What are the main sources of revenue of Indorse?

Indorse’s main source of revenue will be (a) provision of advertising services and (b) human resource services.

·         What does IND token represent?

These are the principal tokens of the Indorse Platform. The services that Indorse will offer, can be bought only through the use of the IND tokens.

·         Will IND be listed on any cryptocurrency exchanges?

We have received a commitment from GateCoin ( to list IND tokens. We are in discussions with other exchanges and will update this section as we receive commitments from other exchanges.


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“AEK” from BlockchainTR Team


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